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We know from years of experience of working within the case management and care sector that sourcing high quality support for clients with brain injuries is challenging, particularly in Lincolnshire.

Anne-Marie and James have worked together on a number of cases over the years and each have considerable experience working with clients and families following catastrophic injuries, supporting them to get to a place where they are more independent, more in control and more optimistic about the future.


We recognised the need for clients, and the professionals involved in their rehabilitation and care, to have access to the best possible support packages during litigation and post-settlement of personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

We decided the best way to achieve this was to set up our own service within Anne-Marie's existing case management company, using the experience each of us brings with our individual vocational backgrounds.

We offer a bespoke recruitment, direct employment and management service for adults who have sustained life changing injuries.



To provide others with a service that we would want and expect to receive ourselves and that we have rarely come across in the course of own experiences within our specialist sector.


Person-centred individually tailored support to clients, commissioners and colleagues, from initial assessment to recruitment and management of the package.

Responsive consistent timely responses to clients, their families, professionals, staff and commissioners in all aspects of service delivery and changing needs.

Integrity high expectations of ourselves and our staff.  We act with professionalism, honesty, dependability, and accountability in everything we do.

Commitment driven to provide the highest quality of service to all those involved with the client's care through use of efficient company systems, our experiences and personal qualities.

Empathy we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and those around them throughout service delivery.

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