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One of the best case managers I have had the opportunity of working with. Anne-Marie is very thorough, professional and highly experienced. She always keeps me updated and manages the team with efficient ease.

Anne-Marie Burnett's case management has been of the very highest standard. She has been wonderful with my client whose case is complex.

Anne-Marie's background as a Neuro Physiotherapist has provided her with an exceptional level of understanding of complex neuro cases. She brings a caring, thorough and pragmatic approach to her work as a Case Manager.


I cannot express how fortunate and privileged I feel that Anne-Marie has been at the helm of my rehabilitation. The team put together and managed by Anne-Marie have been able to get me from a position of despair, to one where I now have confidence again, and can look forward to my future life.

Sincere, kind, professional......nothing phases this lady. She's been a pillar to all our troubles and we have had them. My wife and I would not have got where we are at the moment in our trauma without her efficient assistance and care.

I would like to pass on my grateful thanks to Anne-Marie for her professionalism and patience. Her expertise and input were always of the highest standard and this was the view of not only myself, but my entire family.


Headsmart Rehab: Q & A

Q:  What's in the company name?

A:  A lot of relevant meaning.

'Headsmart' symbolises the nature of rehabilitation and support we provide to clients. It is smartly delivered case management specialising in head injuries that gives individuals a head start in steadily climbing towards achievement of their Specified Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed (SMART) goals. 

Q: Why did we set up?

A: To provide a quality case management service in Lincolnshire.

Having worked for 10 years as a physio, mainly within neuro, and then 12 years of experience working full-time within the complex case and care management sector, we believed we could use our acquired knowledge, observations, as well as many (many) learning curves during the time spent within this unique and changing industry, to develop a new service that would consistently deliver case management excellence. 


We believe that whilst case management is a service that demands extensive and varied clinical experience from its provider, it also demands the personality, personal traits and skills that enable the case manager to meet a vast range of non-clinical challenges, and service delivery expectations. 

We believe we deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of clients, families and professionals and that we are the only such provider in Lincolnshire.

Q: What is our 'USP'? 

A:  Our location combined with our quality of service.

We are based in Lincoln and believe there is no other Lincolnshire-based service that offers the combination of personal and professional skills, experience and innovation in specialist clinical case management that we do. Feedback from PI and clinical negligence solicitors highlights that they struggle to find quality, experienced and specialist local case managers for their clients in Lincolnshire.

We believe we can fill this geographical void.

Q: What makes us special?

A:  Work with us and we will show you.............

  1. Our quality of service, underpinned by a pro-active, responsive, empathetic, professional but personal, structured but adaptable approach to clients, families, solicitors and all parties we work with. 

  2. Our thorough assessment process and documentation of client needs; client-centred, justified rehabilitation and support recommendations, comprehensive costed rehabilitation and support plans, and clear recording of outcomes.

  3. Our service delivery process with bespoke documentation that ensures our clients' goals remain at the centre of everything we do.

  4. Our fees, which together with our efficient processes, ensure exceptional value for money. 


Anne-Marie Burnett MCSP

Anne-Marie qualified in 1996 with a first class honors degree in physiotherapy from the University of Liverpool. 


She developed her therapy skills in various settings including the acute, community, NHS and private sectors.  Anne-Marie worked in a wide range of disciplines including MSK outpatients, orthopaedics, intensive care, respiratory and surgical care, neurology, neuro-rehab, and wheelchair services. 

She quickly set her sights on neurological physiotherapy as a specialism.  Treating patients with neurological conditions was fascinating, challenging and extremely rewarding.  But it was the therapeutic relationship Anne-Marie was able to develop with these patients and their family members, and the holistic nature of their rehabilitation and care that she was drawn to, as much as the complexity of the therapy itself.


In 2005, Anne-Marie came across an advert for a case manager's post, knowing very little about this role and wanting to find out more.  She has since transferred her professional and personal, skills and experience, to a full-time career in case management.

Anne-Marie's initial case management experience was gained working with Independent Case Management Ltd.  She worked there for 3 years, exclusively working with brain injury clients. 


Towards the end of this period, she was offered a position working as a national brain injury services coordinator for a support provider, which was developing its ABI services. This complemented her case management career by enabling Anne-Marie to develop additional expertise specifically in the delivery and management of complex support packages and in delivering comprehensive training programmes to support teams nationwide. 


Anne-Marie then returned to work as a case manager, for Bush & Company Rehabilitation where she took on a senior role.  This included supervising a team of case managers and being responsible for the quality control of initial needs and initial case management assessment reports within the company.

After 7 years with Bush & Company, Anne-Marie was keen to be able to offer her own service, delivering her individual vision of exceptional quality case management and filling a geographical gap in services within Lincolnshire.  She feels extremely fortunate to have found such an incredible vocation and is committed to providing a case management service that meets her own very high expectations which will certainly meet others' expectations.

Anne-Marie has now worked as a case manager for 15 years, working with clients suffering serious and catastrophic injuries, with expertise in brain injury. 


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